Why You Should Consider a Studio for Your Session

January 27, 2021

You have a session coming up. It might be for your engagement photos, possibly for your four legged family member, or it might be your holiday card. No matter the case, it’s time to decide on a location! We love the Minnesota outdoors in the few warm months of the year, but have you considered a studio? Studios are a great choice for no matter the session for so many reasons! I’ve created a little guide that highlights a few perks of a studio in case you’re on the fence.

  1. You don’t have to worry about the weather.
    Good news! It’s always sunny and 75 in a studio. You don’t need to schedule a back up date in the case of a snow storm or rain. Which kind of ties me into my next point below.
  2. You can dress for ANY season.
    I’ve highlighted this before in my engagement session guide, but I’ll say it again here. If it’s 12 degrees outside and you’re wearing a cocktail dress, you might look a little silly – and worse – feel cold! But within the walls of a studio, you can dress for any season you want and it won’t look out of place. A sweater in July? YES. A mini skirt in December? Absolutely! Not to mention most studio light will allow your photographer to set up the image almost perfectly without having to worry about the sun peaking out of a cloud.
  3. It’s private.
    I know how it feels to be nervous going into your session, you might be a little nervous and not know what to expect. Totally fine! But sometimes the prying eyes of strangers at the park or on the street can make you a little more nervous. In a studio, the only person watching you is me and I’ll be encouraging you and posing you the whole time!

On top of all these things, studios are generally inexpensive too. Especially around the city where we have so many options to choose from. The average studio rental time is around $85 for two hours. A pretty good deal!

Still on the fence? Check out Alyssa & Elias’ gorgeous studio session below. Not only do their bright and smiling faces shine, but look at their outfits! They chose perfect pieces to reflect themselves and to compliment such a bright space. Alyssa’s skirt really shines! If you’re a gal looking for some outfit inspo, look no further!

Studio: Rachel Kathleen Studio
Heels: Journee Collection
White Dress: Lulus
Suit Jacket: Indochino
Wedding Bands: Tiffany
Engagement Ring: Heidi Gibson