Five Things You Are Probably Forgetting Before Your Wedding Day

January 18, 2023

Oh my gosh, happy wedding day! Is what you’re going to hear about one thousand times today. YAY! You made it! With all the planning and hustle and bustle of greeting family and guests, I wanted to make a list that highlights some of the important items you may be forgetting before you say “I Do.”

To tip or not to tip? I know this is a taboo subject but remember, if you felt that any of your vendors went above and beyond that a tip would be appreciated! The cost of your package is not going directly into their pocket so it’s always nice to be shown that little bit of gratitude! Regardless, if you are tipping any of your vendors, have the tips ready in their respective envelopes and assign someone to be in charge of them. If you have a planner or day of coordinator, they are the are the perfect person to assign for this task. Otherwise ushers and personal attendants are great. That way the stress is off of you and tips are still passed out accordingly.

I’m sure that if you’ve gotten to this point, your timeline has already been completed. Remember that if you made any timeline changes the week of your wedding or anything comes up the day of to let your photographer and videographers know. All changes can be managed, but be sure not to blind any of your vendors the day of!

On the same note, most timelines have an allotted time for family photos. Whether this is just your immediate family or your extended family, please be sure to tell your family in advance where they’ll be gathering for family photos. Even giving them a time 15 minutes earlier than the assigned time would be helpful to avoid any lateness. The earlier they get there, the earlier you can have a break before the ceremony

Emergency Kit
It’s pretty common to have an emergency kit for your wedding day. This is something you can put your planner, coordinator, mom, or trusted friend to manage the day of but it is a necessity! Here are the items I’d recommend for your kit that you might not be thinking of.
Pepto Bismol / Tums | Chalk – for scuffs + stains on dress | Setting Powder | High Protein Snacks | Liquid IV | Lip Balm + Extra Lip Stick | Safety Pins | Fabric Tape | Eye Drops | Scissors | Nail File | Floss | Perfume

In addition to perfecting the seating chart for you and your guests, have you remembered to feed your vendors? For me personally, I have a clause in my contract that requires me to be fed for any event over five hours. I totally understand wanting to save money where you can, but your vendors are working eight (sometimes more) hours on your day, please be sure to give them a warm meal!

Sunset Photos
The most fun and most beautiful wedding day photos in my opinion! By this point of the day you’re ready to let loose and enjoy your guests. Plus your pre-ceremony jitters are gone! Sunset photos are the perfect way to take some time for your and your partner and reflect on the day, get some beautiful photos and enjoy the sunset. Just be sure to leave the bouquet and grab your veil to make the most out of sunset!