Arizona Sunrise Engagement Session

January 26, 2023

One month from today I’ll be in Arizona watching these two tie the knot! Blogging this session today seemed very fitting as this weekend is Hayden’s bachelor party. I couldn’t be more proud of Hayden for who he has chosen to spend the rest of his life with and I am so excited to welcome Hannah to the family in just a few short weeks!

These photos were taken around 7AM in the desert just outside of Phoenix. While it was chillier than it looks in the photos, the morning sun was soft enough to give us some stunning light for the session. Besides the early wake up call, sunrise sessions are a great option for your engagement session! They offer the same glowly light as shooting around sunset, but there are typically less people around! After photos you two can have a breakfast date and carry on with the day!

Cheers to Hayden & Hannah! Love these two!