Minneapolis Boudoir Photographer | Preparing For Your Session

February 15, 2023

If you’re reading this, you either have a boudoir session booked or are considering one. Either way, yay! You should be really proud of yourself because I personally understand how difficult and vulnerable this decision feels. I wanted to create a resource that was readily available with my personal tips and tricks for boudoir!

Start Drinking More Water
This might seem obvious, but water works wonders for your skin and digestion. Not only will your skin look more radiant, but you might feel physically better too! I drank a gallon of water per day leading up to my session and felt more confident as a result!

Re-Consider Your Spray Tan
I have a love hate relationship with spray tans. I am extremely fair skinned myself so I totally appreciate a good tan. But in photos spray tans can translate into muddy skin tones. If it’s a self tan job, you can have marks on your hands and feet that are hard to mask in your images. If you MUST have one, I recommend going lighter than usual and having a professional application. It will look so much cleaner!

If you shave as a form of hair removal, I would shave 1-2 days before your session and moisturize immediately after. If you happen to cut yourself or get any type of razor burn, having 24-48 hours between then and the session gives the skin room to heal. I would only recommend shaving the day of if you are using a lot of shaving cream, being extra careful, and basically lathering yourself in lotion after. Those with darker hair might find the ladder method works best for them as well.

Moisturize, and Then Moisturize Again
Similarly to drinking water, try to start moisturizing your body leading up to your session! Your skin will be so soft and smooth, I’m almost certain you’ll feel more confident and maybe even a little sexy!

If you are a manicure and pedicure gal, do it! If you prefer bare nails, that’s totally fine too. No matter what, I would recommend going with a clean and neutral color such as white, light pink, grey, or a classic french tip. If you are not a polish gal, make sure your nails are even and buffed.

Deciding What To Wear
This is a multi-tip section, but on your way to your session wear loose fitting clothes and no bra! It’s super important to minimize lines when we can! I don’t do much retouching (if any) to the images.
Depending on your boudoir package, you can bring 1-5 outfits. Common choices are bra and panties, a body suit, your partners shirt, teddys, or a fun tee. No matter what you decide, make sure they are outfits that you feel comfortable in and represent you. If you’re looking for more direction, try to focus on the below colors. I can photograph all colors, but neutrals translate the best with my editing!
Colors to Choose

Items To Bring
– Your outfits and a change of clothes
– Lipgloss / chapstick
– Setting powder for blotting
– Hair brush
– Water

Last Thoughts
No matter why you’ve decided to book a boudoir session, I’m so glad you did. If you’re working with me I can promise you that you’ll leave feeling like you just had fun with an old friend. I’ll be hyping you up every second of the session and I’ll be coaching you through each pose. I can’t wait to see you!