Golden Hour Puppy Session

October 22, 2021

I am so excited to share this gallery! Aishling came to me via another photographer, and I’m so glad she did! These two reached out to me mid August inquiring about a dog session. They had just decided to get another puppy but wouldn’t be able to pick her up until September. Fast forward to last week and we were all finally able to get together, new puppy in tow! Sydney, the little pup with the big paws, is so full of life and energy. Murray on the other hand, is more serious and mature, not to mention food motivated. Add those two with their amazing parents, a perfect sunset, and we were in for a treat! I’m so proud of this session and how far my dog biz has come. These two rounded out my year of dog sessions as the 23rd and 24th dogs we added to the pack!

Cheers to these two and their magical golden hour session! I can’t wait to watch these four continue to grow together!