Five Big Mistakes You’re Making On Your Wedding Day

April 28, 2021

Congrats! The day has finally come. It’s the day you’ve been meticulously planning about and dreaming over for the past few months if not more. But before you know it the day will be over and done. Will you be able to look back without thinking “I wish I did that” or “I shouldn’t have cared so much about this?” I can’t guarantee that there will be no “what if” moments when you look back on your big day, but I can help reduce them. See my list below on some common wedding day mistakes you could be making, and how to avoid them.

  1. You’re following the trends, but not yourself
    I get it. There are dozens of ever changing trends floating around Pinterest and Instagram. But are these trends representative of you and your relationship? Are these things you genuinely like or things you were drawn to because they’ve been done so much already? While some trends never go out of style, I encourage you to really reflect on if it’s something you truly like or not first!
  2. You haven’t communicated clearly with your vendors
    This is major! When I was preparing for my wedding day I didn’t take the questionnaire my photographer sent me seriously. I had the mindset of “they do this all the time, they’ll know what to do.” And while that was generally true, she didn’t know about those special images that I DID want because I had failed to communicate with her ahead of time. After my own experience of carelessness, I am so thorough with my own couples so they aren’t feeling like I had missed a special moment for them.
  3. Your expectations are unrealistic
    This is a broad one. This can be so many things. Your wedding budget, vendors, bridal party, family even. If you know you have a rowdy group of gals standing by your side, it might not be the calm and tranquil event you had in mind and vice versa. Do you want that TO DIE FOR 20×20 flower wall you saw on Pinterest but only have a total wedding budget of $10,000? Almost any wedding problem can be adapted and altered to fit your own expectations. Do you really want that flower wall with your budget? OK, what adjustments would I have to make to ensure that I can have it. Making sure you are aware of your expectations and setting the bar ahead of time will help you not feel disappointed or overwhelmed.
  4. Trying to do it all alone
    Woooooof, this was me. If I could do it all again I would have reached out to my married friends and asked for advice and tips. As someone who does not enjoy relinquishing control, I needed to do it all myself. Looking back I realize it didn’t have to be this way and it certainly doesn’t have to be that way for you either! Not only can you ask your friends and inner circle, ask your vendors for tips and recommendations too. I love giving my couples recs for other wedding vendors.
  5. You forget to enjoy it
    Don’t get so caught up in the planning and the wedding itself that you forget to enjoy yourself. Most guests wont remember the little party favors, ceremony message, or fancy desserts. They will remember how much fun they had with you and your honey and the special love you share.