Detail Day: Explained

June 18, 2023

Details, details, details! If you’ve made it this far you are either curious about detail day, or you are a big fan of details like I am! But what is detail day even? I like to describe detail day as an opportunity to capture all of your wedding day details ahead of your wedding day. As a former bride myself, I remember all the time I spent deciding what invites to choose, what shoes to wear, jewelry, and the list goes on. Detail day has become a way for me to ensure I’m capturing ALL of your special details. I have found that these photos really enhance the final wedding gallery and complete your love story in a timeless way.

But how does it work?
I can’t speak for other photographers, but my couples drop off all of their belongings at my house a few weeks before their wedding. I source flowers similar to what their wedding flowers will be, and spend the entire day being creative and capturing each individual detail. Detail day is only one day, so you get to go home with your belongings either the same evening or the following morning.

What should you drop off?
– Shoes, Both Pairs
– All Rings
– Additional Jewelry
– Veil
– Perfume, Cologne
– Invitation Suite
– Additional Paper Goods
– Cufflinks
– Bowtie / Tie